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Established in 1993 by a third-generation farmer, Rich Harvest Seeds has long been dedicated to helping fellow farmers succeed.

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Generations of Success

Founder Ron Gruschow's grandfather and father planted their first corn in 1950. After harvest, it was stored in a neighbor's corn crib. The following year, they increased efficiency by modifying their equipment to shell the grain as they harvested each field.

This sense of hard work, innovation, and community laid the groundwork for what would become Rich Harvest Seeds. Ron believes in combining old-fashioned customer service with the latest tools and technology to help farmers thrive for generations to come.

We’re Here for You

Along with his father and brother-in-law, Ron farms 1,250 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat, and snap beans. So he knows firsthand the complex challenges farmers face today.

Ron enjoys helping farmers select seeds that will improve yields on every acre while providing business insights that boost bottom lines.

According to Ron, the team works with and for growers. “We manage seed needs and focus on getting farmers the highest yield potential at the best cost."

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Meet the Team

Ron Gruschow
Ron Gruschow

Sales Rep


Jeramie Hurlbut
Jeramie Hurlbut

Sales Associate


John Gaffney
John Gaffney

Warehouse + Shipping Manager


Pioneer Sales Representative in Western New York

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